About Us

About Us

JK Motorsports is a family-owned and operated automotive custom wheel and tire company based in sunny Southern California. It was established in 1997 by Jon Keimach Sr. out of his home in Lake Arrowhead, CA after his son was hurt in a motorcycle accident. He worked many years in the automotive custom wheel and tire industry from American Eagle Wheels to Goodyear and started the company to help people with finding the right custom wheels and tires that fit their vehicle. When his son Jon Keimach Jr. turned 16 he began working on the technical side building the websites and helping bring new customers online around the world.

Having a passion for helping people navigate the custom wheel and tire industry Jon Keimach Sr. made the process used here every day where we give you personalized quotes with all your custom dually wheel and tire options based on your specific needs. Rather than just trying to sell off what we have in stock we let you know every option possible and let you know all the information to help you make the right decision. We will never tell you what to do, we just want you to be informed about your dually vehicle and the products that are available for it.

In recent years we have been doing mostly dually wheels, distribution, and manufacturing, but also other vehicles that are not dually like single rear wheel trucks that use super single wheels. We offer complete wheel and tire packages for dually rear wheel and single rear wheel trucks but can also do any vehicle because of our access to most wheel manufacturers near us, our ability to custom cut wheels, and our extensive knowledge of most vehicle applications. Request a personalized consultation and quote today to help you find what you’re looking for.

Our Team

Here at JK Motorsports, our team is committed to helping customers find the right wheels and tires for their vehicles. Starting as a small company as a father and son team, we had a goal to help as many people as we possibly could. Nowadays we reach great lengths and are growing rapidly. We will continue our mission to serve those who need us most. We will build up our staff and capabilities to be able to keep up with our demand. We promise that we will do whatever it takes to keep our customers happy and coming back. That is why we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction know that no matter what we will not stop working until you are satisfied.

More About Jon Keimach Sr.

A father of 5 kids, a person of faith, family, and community, he does everything he possibly can to help others while raising all his kids through school, sports, and personal achievements. Growing up in Simi Valley, CA enjoying everything Southern California has to offer and giving his kids a memorable childhood he embodies everything of a father and his kids look up his unstoppable work ethic. Having spent most of his years in the wheel and tire industry he has become a wealth of knowledge. He is truly passionate about helping people and will not stop working until people are happy.

More About Jon Keimach Jr.

I am a C5/C6 quadriplegic paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair from a motorcycle accident when I was 14 years old. Growing up playing sports and always being outdoors in Southern California, I had a great childhood. After high school, I began my journey in the computer industry from film editing to building websites for businesses. After receiving my Masters Degree in 2019 in Information Systems Management, I became passionate about helping businesses with building systems to scale their operations. I started building websites here when I was 16 years old and now build our system here to scale. That is my goal here is to grow this company to help as many people as we possibly can. I will not stop working so we can provide excellent service to our customers.

Our Giveback

After I Jon Keimach Jr. broke my neck in a motorcycle accident, my dad Jon Keimach Sr. learned how hard it was for him and the families that care for their loved ones. Being a single father at the time was even more difficult and we know there are others who are in similar situations. Here at JK Motorsports, we want to make sure we do our part in helping those who are most in need. Every purchase here is going to have a portion go directly to the Be Perfect Foundation and The Perfect Step Recovery Centers. They help people with spinal cord injuries in many ways with financial and emotional support, physical therapy, and a community of donors and patients.

They have helped me over the years with specialized physical therapy and a wheelchair that was customized for me. They are committed to helping those who are most in need and we could not be happier to give back help financially so they can help as many people as they possibly can. Hal Hargrave Jr. started the Be Perfect Foundation after being injured in auto accident and becoming a paralyzed quadriplegic. He is one of the strongest people I have ever met and Be Perfect meant getting the most out of himself each and every day.

To learn more about Hal, the Be Perfect Foundation, and how you can be a help visit BePerfectFoundation.org. To see my story visit:

“Be Perfect has re-instilled hope back into my life again by helping me with funding to go to The Perfect Step to get outpatient therapy. This has put my body into much better condition. For years I was getting tighter and more spastic and this type of therapy is the most relief I can get other than medication.”

The Perfect Step paralysis recovery centers are world-renowned exercise-based therapy centers helping people with paralysis live healthier lives through cutting-edge physical therapy, research initiatives, and a passionate, supportive community. To learn more visit ThePerfectStep.com


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